Diana Newton
Uphill, 2013
Fabric appliqué
(17.3 x 5.5 inches)
( 44 x 14 cm)


The banner I am currently using for this website is is the first section of what is meant to be a large wall hanging (39.3 x  29.1 inches, or 100 x 74 cm). For some time now, I've been wanting to use with my collection of African fabrics. Several lengths are from Benin, others from Mali, and Cameroon. But the majority are just small scrap pieces, bought for me by a young Senegalese teenager from tailors in Dakar. After failing several years in a row to move on to the next grade, she pleaded with her father (a good friend of mine who wanted all his sons and daughters to get a good education) to let her leave school and apprentice as a seamstress. After much hesitation, he agreed. From his last letter, it seems his daughter is happy with her choice. And that brings me joy.