Scholarly and professional publications

I've always wanted to share the scholarly and professional articles and book chapters that I've written over the years on book publishing (mostly) in developing countries (with a primary geographic focus on francophone Africa). 

It's likely to take me some time to obtain permission from the original publishers/copyright holders to post the full text on this website and/or to track down the URLs for publicly available online versions, although I'm delighted to have already found some. 


So, for starters, I thought I'd just provide a list of publications along with the above photo of the books and periodicals in which my work has appeared. I've spread them out in my office on a large piece of fabric, a gift from my wonderful, one and only sister (who knows my passion for Africa). The fabric's design and colors remind me of the awe inspiring Bushman rock paintings in Tsodilo Hills, Botswana.

And that list of publications? You'll find it under a new menu item, 'Scholarly and professional'. Over the next while, I hope to annotate it and complement with a list of publications by fellow researchers. If you have any suggestions, I'd be delighted to receive them.

As always, thanks for visiting. Hope you are doing great. Take care.