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Welcome to Africa Matters. My name is Diana Newton-Smith and this website is my way of sharing my passion for Africa with you. I am responsible for the content I post and all the images (photography and art) you see here are my own. For all technical aspects related to site creation and maintenance, I am fortunate to have my own in-house tech expert: my wonderful and gifted husband, James Smith. 

My blogs have one purpose: to inspire you (especially if you have no ties to Africa and/or have never been there) to care about Africa and, if your life's circumstances permit, to get involved, in one way or another, in spreading the word that "Africa matters". As to my artwork, I hope it will help convey something of Africa's beauty and life-force. The positive sides of Africa are so often drowned out by heart-wrenching stories of poverty and famine, or gloomy articles about abuses of power, corruption, violation of human rights, near-extinction of animal species, and environmental degradation. I am not trying to deny that Africa, like any other part of our planet, has its share of problems. But this far from homogeneous continent is also filled with courage, innovation, progress, and promise.

Africa matters. 
Today, tomorrow, and each and every day.

Thanks for the visit! I hope you enjoyed it and want to come back to see what's new. Your comments are very welcome. Take good care and have a great day, wherever you may be.

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